Species: Centrochelys sulcata

Sex: Unsexed

Length: 2-3 inches

Diet: vegetation, prepared diet

Image: Representative Image

Categories: Exotic Pets, Tortoises

Each sulcata tortoise is a young, healthy animal that has been kept in the best possible environment. The African spurred tortoise is another name for the sulcata tortoise. These gentle giants grow to become the world’s third largest tortoise. In captivity, this incredible creature can reach a gigantic 30 inches in length and survive for up to 80 years. Our baby sulcata tortoises for sale receive the best possible care to ensure that you receive a healthy and well-behaved pet. Check out our other pet tortoises if the sulcata grows to be too large for you.



sulcata tortoise for sale

Each sulcata-tortoise for sale is a young, healthy animal that has been kept in the best possible environment. The African spurred tortoise is another name for the sulcata tortoise. These gentle giants grow to become the world’s third largest tortoise. In captivity, this incredible creature can reach a gigantic 30 inches in length and survive for up to 80 years. Our baby sulcata tortoises receive the best possible care to ensure that you receive a healthy and well-behaved pet. Check out our other pet tortoises if the sulcata grows to be too large for you.

Sulcata tortoise as a baby

Sulcata tortoises are relatively small when they are young. Simple to maintain
Sulcata tortoise grows to be 24 inches long and weighs 120 pounds or more. Life expectancy ranges from 55 to 110 years.
Requires a warm environment (above 78 degrees Fahrenheit).
Currently eating greens and vegetables, as well as Mazuri
Once mature, one of the largest tortoise species available for purchase.
Docile and even-tempered, they’re easy to look after.
Hatchling Sulcata tortoises, well-started newborns, yearlings, juvenile Suclata tortoises, and adult Sulcata tortoises are all available!

You’ve come to the proper location if you’re wanting to acquire a gorgeous baby Sulcata tortoise!

We have several incredibly stunning and extremely active newborn Sulcata tortoises. We recommend the well-started baby Sulcata tortoise to individuals who are unfamiliar with baby tortoises for sale, since they are considerably easier to care for and far more active. Our well-started, or giant baby Sulcata tortoise is HIGHLY recommended over Sulcata tortoise hatchlings since they are considerably more active and easy to care for while still being young and cute and missing the more delicate stages where hatchings can “drop off” or decline. Sulcata Tortoises are noted for their outgoing personalities and amiable demeanor, and they can make excellent tortoises.

sulcata tortoise for sale

African Sulcata tortoises for sale are among the most popular tortoise species for sale worldwide. A juvenile Sulcata tortoise is inexpensive and grows quickly, producing a large number of eggs per clutch. The Sulcata is usually less expensive than other kinds of baby tortoises for sale. We have some lovely captive-bred African Sulcata turtle hatchlings for sale at Tortoise Town. Baby Sulcata hatchlings, well-started newborns, juveniles, and adults are available at Tortoise Town. Finally, none of our tortoises are wild-caught; they are exclusively captive-bred. Our newborn Sulcata for sale are the most beautiful in the country!

For sale is an African Spurred Tortoise.

Tortoise town is the place to go if you’re seeking for a baby spurred tortoise for sale. Most importantly, we guarantee that all of our young African spurred tortoises will arrive alive. Second, we offer a full health guarantee on all of our newborn Sulcata tortoises. Shop with confidence knowing that your new African Sulcata tortoise will come bright-eyed, healthy, and active thanks to an on-site animal biologist.

Sulcata tortoise for sale as a baby

Furthermore, all of our young African spurred tortoises for sale come with all of the free help you’ll need to learn how to care for them properly. Furthermore, not all newborn Sulcata tortoise hatchlings are created equal! Unlike most other online Sulcata tortoise breeders, we do not provide “b grade” or “c grade” Sulcata tortoises at TT! Yes, we have the best baby tortoise pricing online if you’re looking for a cheap Spurred turtle or a baby Sulcata!

Hatchlings of the Sulcata tortoise are available for purchase.

Sulcata tortoises are also known as African spurred and simply spurred tortoises. Sulcata tortoises were uncommon in the United States only a few decades ago. In captivity, they have demonstrated an incredible capacity to adapt to a variety of climates and habitats. This, combined with their inexpensive cost and curious demeanor, has made them one of the most popular giant tortoises among first-time tortoise owners. sulcata tortoise hatchling for sale

Sulcatas have wonderful personalities and may fit in well with any reptile family. Keep in mind, though, that these guys can become rather large. Consider a smaller tortoise if you live somewhere where you’ll have to bring your baby tortoise indoors during the winter. The leopard tortoise and the Giant South African leopard tortoise are two smaller African tortoise species. cheap sulcata tortoise for sale

Sulcata tortoise for sale as a baby

Tortoise Town provides a great section on African Sulcata tortoises, as well as information on Sulcata tortoise food. Visit our care area if you’re seeking for information on infant Sulcata tortoises or Sulcata tortoise enclosures. Prior to obtaining your new baby Sulcata tortoise for sale, it is a good idea to do some research on Sulcata tortoise care.

Natural habitat of the spurred tortoise:

sulcata tortoise for sale

In nature, the Sulcata can be found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, even in the most remote locations.

Lifespan of the African Sulcata Tortoise:

Did you know the Sulcata tortoise can live for up to 100 years? The African Spurred Tortoise is a long-lived species that may outlive its owners. As a result, you must take this into account when making your order. The tort will also get rather large in 4-5 years, thus its adult size must be taken into account when constructing the habitat. adult sulcata tortoise for sale

Sulcata Sulcata Sulcata Sulcata Sulcata S

The African Sulcata is the world’s third largest tortoise, measuring 24 to 30 inches in length. Sudanese tortoises grow even bigger, with some reaching 36 inches in length!

Tortoise Sulcata – Appearance:

Male African spurred tortoises for sale are frequently significantly larger than female Spurred tortoises for sale. The plastron of an adult male Sulcata tortoise has a significant concavity in the back half. The male African Spurred tortoise also has long, slender tails with a horny curved spur at the end.

Female Sulcata tortoises for sale, on the other hand, have a more rounded appearance. Because female Sulcata tortoises have a short, blunt tail and less pronounced characteristics. In addition, the carapace of adult Sulcata tortoises is a consistent brown color. Finally, the plastron, head, and limbs are all yellowish in color. Juvenile Sulcata for sale, on the other hand, have a pale yellow carapace with brown scutes, a yellow-white plastron, and paler areoles on the carapace plates.

Sulcata tortoise, infant – habitat:

When a newborn Sulcata tortoise grows up, it can be difficult to keep it inside due to its big size. Please think about this before making a purchase. A tortoise table, in our opinion, is the most effective type of indoor tortoise habitat for a Sulcata tortoise hatchling. We sell a complete tortoise habitat kit, which you can find here. Spurred hatchlings should be 2 feet by 2 feet in size, however Sulcata tortoise hatchlings will outgrow this quickly (at 3 years old they can exceed 12 inches). This is something we recommend getting before buying an African tortoise for sale. (for sale: a baby spurred tortoise)

For sale is a baby Sulcata.

The size of the infant Sulcata tortoise’s habitat must be expanded as it grows. Also, holes can be cut into the bottom of your tortoise table to allow food and water dishes to sink into the surface, making them simpler to access for the animals.

In the Sulcata tortoise habitat, use a water dish that is large enough for the tortoise to soak in while remaining shallow enough to prevent drowning. The indoor home for an adult African Spurred tortoise or a juvenile Sulcata tortoise for sale should be at least 8 feet x 8 feet! For a spurred tortoise for sale, an outdoor heated shed or greenhouse is sometimes a better option.

Temperature of a juvenile Sulcata tortoise

Having the right temperatures in your enclosure is also important for keeping your Sulcata happy and healthy. During the day, a gradient ranging from 82 to 99 degrees is ideal. Temperatures at night should be in the 77-82 degree range. Keep in mind that the basking area should always be between 94 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit, even if it cools down in the evenings. Sulcata for sale, like other tortoises, must control their body temperature. Providing a temperature gradient is essential for your tortoise’s optimal thermoregulation.

Sulcata tortoise humidity

The importance of humidity in growing a healthy baby Sulcata tortoise for sale cannot be overstated. In general, when compared to adults, baby Sulcata for sale demand more humidity. Humidity is important not only for healthy shell growth and overall beauty, but also for survival. Tortoises will eventually die of dehydration if they are kept in regions that are far too dry.

Even if you soak your newborn tortoise every day, if the humidity level is kept below 50%, your animal will begin to deteriorate within a few weeks of birth. At tortoise town, we propose using a substrate that is 4 inches thick and can be sprayed with water every morning. You may create a humid “micro-climate” for your baby Sulcata for sale tortoise to sleep in by spraying the substrate.

Spurred turtle diet for babies and juveniles

A high-quality diet consisting of a wide variety of greens and vegetables is recommended. If you’re wondering what to feed a Sulcata tortoise, you’ve come to the right place. or What should a Sulcata tortoise’s diet consist of? You’ve arrived to the correct place! We feed 5 days a week and chop and blend fresh greens and veggies on a daily basis. Collard, mustard, and beet greens are used in Tortoise Town. We also use Romaine, Kale, Spring Mix, Mazuri tortoise chow that has been soaked and softened, Squash, tomato, and zucchini. Sulcata babies eat a wide range of greens, vegetables, and weeds.

Supplements for infant Sulcata tortoises

Calcium and vitamin D3 supplements, which should be dusted or sprinkled on food twice a week, are essential. It’s also crucial that you give your tortoise enough UVB exposure so that they can create and utilize Vitamin D3. Your tortoise won’t be able to process or metabolize the calcium you put to its food if it doesn’t have access to UVB! Tortoise Town dusts our meals twice a week with a 50:50 blend of calcium, D3, and Vionate multivitamin.

sulcata tortoise for sale

Baby Sulcata and water

Always make sure your baby Sulcata has plenty of water. Daily soaking of your tortoise for 5-10 minutes or till your tortoise poops should be done until your tortoise is 24 months old. Regardless of who comes first, the bath time is over! Make sure you’re working in very shallow water. Even 15 seconds in deep water is enough to kill your new turtle!

Size of a Sulcata Tortoise

The African Spurred Turtle is a big tortoise. They are the world’s third largest tortoise! Adult Sulcata tortoises grow to be 24-28 inches long and weigh up to 150 pounds. Baby Sulcata tortoises from tortoise town arrive as hatchlings or well-started newborns, depending on the age specified, and grow slowly. Sulcata are typically 10-12 inches tall and weigh 30-40 pounds at ten years of age. Sulcata tortoises are big and bossy. Check out the leopard tortoise for sale if you’re looking for a spurred tortoise for sale but they’re a touch too big.

Sulcatas enjoy grazing in the yard.

Allow your baby Sulcata to roam in a predator-free fenced garden during hot summer days. These tortoises will benefit immensely from being outside when the weather permits, due to their big size and grazing preferences. Make sure there’s enough shade, hiding places, and a little dish of water nearby. Your tiny hatchling Sulcata turtle will thrive in a dry grassy location. Due to their proclivity for burrowing, these giant tortoises require a robust fence that extends underground. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but should not fall below 75 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Water and a newborn Sulcata tortoise

For your newborn Sulcata tortoise, provide a shallow water dish. A shallow dish of water should be available at all times, as should a muddy wallow. Check out our sister site if you’re seeking for additional reptiles for sale. Baby tortoises, as well as adult and adolescent tortoises, are available for purchase.

Take a look at our comprehensive Sulcata tortoise care section.

Baby Sulcata Tortoise Care Guide Baby Sulcata Tortoise Sulcata Tortoise Sulcata Tortoise Sulcata Tortoise Sulcata Torto Tortoise water with spurs
Baby Sulcata Tortoise Habitat Sulcata Humidity
Size of a spurred tortoise
African Lifespan of a Sulcata Tortoise
Sulcata tortoise substrate for sale Sulcata tortoise substrate for sale

For sale in my area is a baby African Sulcata turtle.

African Spurred Tortoises for sale are small tortoises that grow quickly and are reasonably easy to care for. Sulcata tortoise hatchlings through adult Sulcata tortoises are available for purchase in a variety of sizes. Our newborn Sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale are brightly colored and exceptionally healthy, having been fed a mix of greens, cacti, and tortoise chow, as well as being soaked on a daily basis. Babies who have been well-started and are further along in their development are simply easier to care for in general. We also sell juvenile spurred tortoises and adult Sulcata tortoises.

Sulcata tortoises in their infancy

When buying a new baby Sulcata tortoise for sale, it’s critical to find reputed captive-bred Sulcata tortoise breeders (remember, you get what you pay for!) We are delighted to provide some of the most beautiful African Spurred tortoises available in the United States at some of the most competitive pricing!

Our Sulcata for sale (African Spurred Tortoises for sale) are top-notch and ready to send to you by FedEx or UPS with a BIOLOGIST ON-SITE. Overnight in insulated cargo containers that have been heated or chilled. Packages leave here at 7 p.m. and arrive at your doorstep before 11 a.m. once they’ve been shipped. A single delivery price applies to a single tortoise for sale as well as up to four juvenile, adult, or baby tortoises.

Sulcata tortoises for sale as babies, adults, and juveniles

We guarantee that you will fall in love with your new baby Sulcata tortoise and want another as soon as you meet him or her. If you’re thinking about getting a pair of baby Sulcata tortoises, bear in mind that females get along nicely, so if you want to maintain both male and female, get two to three females for every male.

Caging of the Sulcata Tortoise

Baby sulcata tortoises for sale are best kept by individuals who have access to an outside environment where they can keep their tortoise(s) for the most, if not all, of the year. The majority of Sulcata tortoise breeders maintain their baby Sulcata tortoises in a desert-like setting for sale. Most breeders keep their animals outside with a vast grass space due to their size. This is done because Sulcata tortoises frequently travel around the outside of their homes, leaving a dirt path!

Hatchlings of the African spurred tortoise

If you enjoy the African Sulcata but think it’s too large for a pet tortoise, the Leopard tortoise is a good alternative. Leopard tortoises are only half the size of African Sulcata tortoises, also known as African Spurred tortoises. Because of reduced egg counts and a smaller supply of newborn leopard tortoises for sale, leopard tortoises are a little more expensive. We breed both leopard tortoises and the Giant South African Leopard tortoise at Tortoise Town. Keep in mind that one shipping fee covers up to four tortoises or turtles for sale!


All of our baby tortoises for sale online at Ranchofexoticbreeds are captive bred. Our captive bred tortoises and turtles for sale receive the best possible care thanks to the presence of a biologist on-site. Our customer support staff provides the same level of caring guidance to our customers.

We specialize in captive bred tortoises for sale as tortoise breeders. Both infant and adult tortoises are available for purchase at Ranchofexoticbreeds. The best approach to shop for tortoises is by size, as we have the widest assortment of captive bred tortoises anywhere.

When making your purchase, keep in mind the adult size! Although all baby tortoises are little and cute, some grow to be 4 inches long and others to be 24 inches long! Based on how big it will grow to full maturity, choose the size turtle that best fits your lifestyle.

Sulcata-Tortoise For Sale

sulcata tortoise for sale


Choosing a new tortoise can be challenging with so many options, colors, and sizes to choose from. There are several methods for compiling a list of your favorite species and selecting a new member of the shelled family. The majority of the time, consumers choose their new tortoise based on size or price. Keep in mind that, on average, the larger the tortoise, the lower the cost.

This isn’t always the case, though. The Giant Aldabra, for example, is the largest but also the most expensive captive bred tortoise available for purchase at Ranchofexoticbreeds. Egyptians, for example, are little and only have one or two clutches per year. As a result, they tend to be on the higher end of the scale. Sulcatas, for example, are quite abundant, lay 3-40 eggs per clutch, and are hence the most affordable of all the species.


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and many other species of baby and adult tortoises for sale online.


All of our tortoises, including young tortoises, come with a 7-day HEALTH GUARANTEE! Shop with confidence, knowing that Ranchofexoticbreeds will deliver the greatest quality baby tortoise to you anywhere in the United States and the world. All of our reptiles for sale are shipped in insulated shipping boxes that are either heated or chilled. Our captive bred tortoises are shipped via UPS or FedEx Early morning Priority overnight delivery. On the day of shipping, our products leave our facility at 7 p.m. and arrive at your doorstep the next morning.


As tortoise breeders, we are pleased to sell exclusively captive-bred baby tortoises and are the greatest tortoise breeders in the United States. Look no farther if you’re seeking for a tortoise to buy online in the United States. If you’re looking for a tortoise to buy online or a captive bred baby tortoise for sale, you’ve come to the right place!

100% Live Arrival Guarantee

All of our animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee. We also guarantee that the animal’s sex corresponds to what was reported at the time of purchase. However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. Continue reading

However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. These circumstances include the following:

1. On the initial delivery attempt, the buyer or a member of the household must be present to sign for the parcel (COURIER provides time of delivery stamp).

2. A shipping delay caused by carrier carelessness.

3. Temperatures below 32°F or above 99°F at the hub or destination.

4. Customers must pick up animals held for pickup at a COURIER site the same day they arrive. (A photo ID must be provided, and it must match the shipping name.)

5. An incorrect delivery address was entered during checkout, resulting in a shipping delay and rerouting.

6. If the Hold For Pickup option was utilized, all Live Arrival Guarantee requests must be submitted within 30 minutes of the product being dropped off by COURIER or within 30 minutes of the package being picked up at Hub.

Isopods sent in temperatures exceeding 85°F are not covered by the Live Arrival Guarantee.

If your animal dies in transit, we will require you, the buyer, to send a picture of the deceased animal on its back and to inform us as soon as possible after receiving the shipment. Within 30 minutes of the delivery time stamp, this must be provided.

The live arrival guarantee is only valid during the shipping period and is null and void after you receive the animal.

Only the cost of the animal will be covered by the live arrival guarantee; the cost of shipping will not be covered. The buyer is responsible for the price of shipping replacement animals. yellow footed tortoise

The buyer is solely responsible for the animal’s well-being once it has been vetted and approved. Ranch Of Exotic Breeds shall not be held liable for any veterinary expenses spent by the buyer, as well as the animal’s upkeep and maintenance.

sulcata tortoise for sale


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