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About Us – Who Are Ranch Of Exotic Breeds 

Ranch Of Exotic Breeds, founded by Constantinou and Melvis Gibson, is a family-owned and run USDA-licensed breeding and private zoological facility.

Our objective is to provide the best possible husbandry and care for our animals while also sharing our passion for exotics through education and endangered and threatened species protection.

Dozens of exotic species are cared for across 1,600 acres of beautiful CA and Texas hill country. Zebras, wildebeest and impala are some of the many African and European hoof stock that freely roam our expansive pastures. Kangaroos and wallabies enjoy long walkabouts when they are not lazily lounging in the sunshine.

Lemurs, fennec foxes, marmosets and other smaller exotics play all day in their enriched outdoor environments. Even the tiniest of nocturnal mammals, hedgehogs and sugar gliders, call Ranch Of Exotic Breeds their home!

About Us – Who Are Ranch Of Exotic Breeds


About Us – Who Are Ranch Of Exotic Breeds

Several species are selectively bred, raised, and tamed before being placed in approved private residences, zoos, or exotic ranches. Many of them are even kept here under our care or to better the genetics of the species we raise through our numerous captive breeding programs.

We believe in going above and above to deliver the healthiest and nicest exotic pets possible. We prioritize customer service at Ranch Of Exotic Breeds, and all of our Pets come with lifetime assistance and, in many cases, health guarantees.

We don’t merely breed for the sake of increasing our numbers and profit. We breed with the highest ethical standards in mind, as well as outstanding husbandry and specific purposes. Our breeding objectives are to increase the species’ health, disposition, and physical characteristics,

which include but are not limited to conformation, unique markings, and striking coloration. We track lineages to minimize inbreeding and recognized genetic health concerns, as well as to selectively breed for desirable qualities.

Our comprehensive breeding operations for pedigreed hedgehogs and sugar gliders enable us to have beautiful, friendly newborns ready for adoption all year. Hand-raised babies from our lemurs,

kangaroos, and wallabies, fennec foxes, coatimundi, porcupines, and finger monkeys, as well as exotic deer, antelope, and mountain goats, are offered annually.

We hope to offer exclusive, interactive experiences such as UTV and horseback safari tours, behind-the-scenes animal interactions, exotic petting zoo, and even baby animal cuddling sessions in the near future,

while we are still physically (and digitally) under construction. We’ve also started work on our much-anticipated “Lemur Land,” a refuge for retiring and rescued lemurs.

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About Us - Who Are Ranch Of Exotic Pets